Little League Umpiring


Umpiring allows for a highly flexible schedule. Umpires have to be neutral, responsible stewards of the game. In order to umpire you'll need to participate in the training curriculum and be certified, but you have the ability to additionally earn some money in return for your time. Wilsonville Little League will host and pay for the certification training regimen and simply requires your time to complete the program (~11 hours of training over 4 separate classes/ ½ day seminar).  While this is considered a volunteer opportunity it is additionally one of the only opportunities that comes with compensation. If you're willing to complete the training and commit a few hours a week, you can easily make a few hundred dollars throughout the season, depending on your own schedule and desire.

If interested in getting involved as a Little League Umpire please sign up here [REGISTER] - 

For Add'l Questions contact VP of Umpires - Adam Cunningham < [email protected] >  or 619-322-8823

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