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May, 2020

Cancellation Letter from President

Good Morning WLL,


Thank you to everyone who has already responded to our survey letting us know how you prefer your registration fees be refunded. If you have not yet completed the survey, please click here to provide the needed information: Donation/Refund Survey. It is our hope with this survey that it will provide you with the opportunity to make sure our information is up to date so we can get your refund to you quickly. We will begin dispersing refunds this week to those that have responded.


Many of you have decided to donate your registration fee to the Horizon Field Project and we are very grateful. We still have some work to do to wrap up this fundraising so it all counts and we are happy to continue to move down the road of completion. We appreciate each and every dollar donated towards helping to make such a beautiful turf field a reality for our kids. This is a field that all of our kids will have access to for many years to come.  For those of you making the donation to the Field Project, we will provide a receipt with our nonprofit tax ID number for your records and for tax purposes. 


Below you will find the refund policy approved recently by our board. The 15% will help with the costs that our league already incurred this season including insurance, field maintenance, website fees, and storage fees to name a few.

  • Tball, Coast, Farm, and Minors: You will receive 85% of your registration fee
  •  Majors and Juniors: You will receive 85% of your registration fee, less $46 for the uniform jersey
  •  Intermediates will receive a full refund since they have paid for Majors or Juniors to be eligible to play Intermediate
  •  If you paid the $50 Non-Volunteer fee, you will receive a 100% refund of this fee

By next week, we will let you know how we plan to distribute the uniform jerseys to our majors, juniors, and intermediate players as those jerseys were already printed with their names and can not be reused next year. Gratefully, the jerseys for our younger kids can be used next year and we will add names on at that time.


Also, many of you have reached out to me via email or text to share your disappointment for the loss of the season and appreciation for the WLL Board to attempt to conduct the season had conditions allowed. Thank you for your kind words. I would like to publicly thank the very hard working group of 17 individuals that started last September to put on an amazing season for your families, a season that did not come to be. There are several board members that went into this season planning on it being their last. In spite of that, I am hoping we can get most of this board back for next year and pick up right where we left off. I also want to thank all of our volunteer coaches; even though we never stepped foot on a field, we appreciate your intent and I hope you will consider volunteering again next year. 


We will have Fall Ball information out in early July. The fall season typically runs from mid/late August to the end of October. Several of you have communicated a desire for your player to participate this year to prevent a two year gap in baseball. I would encourage you to explore the opportunity when the time comes. Gratefully, Fall Ball is a relaxed setting, lots of repetitions, an opportunity to play many different positions and very fun. We have had many players throughout the years that have played either soccer or football AND fall baseball. We can partner with you through scheduling conflicts, and “too much” issues. Fall Ball is highly recommended for those kids moving up an age division and perhaps most importantly our 12’s that are moving to 13’s who will move from a 60 foot diamond to a 90 foot diamond. This is a big transition. We also recommend it for kids moving from machine pitch (Farm) to player pitch, which is also a big transition. Keep Fall Ball in the back of your mind for now and we will get out more info soon.


We look forward to getting your kids back out on baseball fields this fall or next spring. It will be a joy to all of us to see our kids playing baseball again!


Thank you,


Michele Seal

WLL President

[email protected]

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