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D. McQueen W1-Harris W-2 Larson W3-Santiago W4-Schramm
J. Lazaro-Hampton C. Browning J. Abarca L. Adams B. Bies
C. Schmitt K. Kramer N. Crowley B. Carter B. Dougherty
T. Arzie L. LaForm C. Epping G. Gillett J. Feik
N. Barr N. Scott J. Hammond K. Santiago K. Meacham
B. Voss M. Wiepert K. Larson R. Ward C. Slover
A. Saccente K. Evans L. Larson N. Wilcott M. Summers
N. Sweetland E. Fee C. Macpherson C. Turco H. Weber
C. McQueen L. Haener C. Winters G. Blakey A. Foltz
N. Collett J. Jensen E. Rasco J. Ruiz X. Glaspey
P. Hollo W. Katz M. Seal C. Lam J. RummellWest
M. Crowley B. Harris R. Dillon N. Waite J. Schramm
R. Lazaro B. Wiepert A. Lorentz O. Eggert

MI1 - Doblie MI2 - Gatlin MI3 - Kleinke MI4 - Lyons MI5 - Sumner
A. Spencer D. Hollo L. Kleinke L. Brainard L. Crowley
B. Arsenault D. Widman A. Marquis L. Wettstein J. Harris
C. Buchanon O. Svadlenka B. Macaskill L. Wilde A. Diller
C. Clift A. Derlago P. Burch R. Disch C. Wilcott
C. Liebenow N. Charpentier L. McAulay D. Epping C. Swift
C. McConnaughey D. Bennett J. Keller J. Case G. Sumner
C. Schenk A. Bautista C. Kosderka C. Green C. Weber
G. Sword T. Widener J. Alford W. Patterson N. MacPherson
J. Lazaro-Hampton G. Weise A. Chandra M. Jeffrey C. Bazeley
L. Carli O. Weise B. Cushing B. Lyons D. Haener
R. Emmett M.Gatlin T. Burch J. Croman L. Aldan
W. Doblie C. Whisman C. Shank O. Latta B. Hurst
Carter Cunningham Schenk Roseli
E. Slenning A. DeVore K. Evans C. Aichele
C. Grasvik C. Cunningham G. Jarman B. Aird
R. Osborn M. Nichols K. Murphy N. Freeman
A. Seal K. Rasco A. Pauly X. Roseli
W. Savelsbergh L. Scoggins P. Lackey A. Huertas
C. Carter L. Kilborn C. Schenk K. Weldon
N. Rogers K. Hillyer K. Dodson C. Cuellar
T. Larson J. Lazaro T. Hurst C. Hill
H. Williams J. Salyers D. Williams J. Norquist
J. Crespo L. Ryan Y. Moussa D. Zokaei
C. Anke Y. Moussa
S. Brooks Q. Bruns B. Bernardi B. Battles K. Bledy
A. Budge K. Duos P. Bippes B. Bennett A. Dalstra
T. Dalglish L. Eldridge B. Glock N. Freeman M. Fee
H. Day T. Hahmeyer J. Kinney L. Jensen M. Hale
S. Gage J. Lea X. Lubay G. Jensen B. Martinez
A. Hall G. Lesh G. McWilliams L. Moomaw N. Nieuwstraten
C. Kilborn L. Sheldon T. Pairamore C. Richmond D. Roben
J. Lewy Q. Ulrey H. Holbrook C. Smith M. Rupp
G. Liebenow T. Wonderly L. Stockton J. Vosper T. Swift
E. Martin M. Zokaei K. Thompson J. Vosper
Welcome to the 2018 Spring Baseball Season

The WLL has 14 board members and 8 coordinators working through the fall and winter on everything baseball for the 2018 season! Please sign up your child(ren) as soon as you can. The sooner we know how many kids will be joining us this year, the easier it will be for us to create teams with the ideal numbers of players. We'll also be able to recruit plenty of capable and enthusiastic coaches. Don't wait. Please register right away!

While always keeping the interests of our players at heart, here are some changes we have made to improve the kids' 2018 season:

  1. We have added a Coast Division between the Tball and Farm Division. This will be made up primarily of LL age seven (7) year olds. We hope to focus on the skill development this group needs while ensuring kids play with their friends, have some success and are ready for the pitching machine at the Farm Division. This league will primarily be Coach Pitch and teams will be small (9-10).
  2. In order to better prepare kids playing in the Farm Division, we will have the kids pitch the first one or two innings instead of the last couple innings. This will ensure that kids are getting their feet wet pitching and games are not timed out before kids get this important and fun experience. In addition, separating the LL 7 kids will enable to the farm kids to work on very specific skills that will help the transition to Minors be much more smooth. There will be an emphasis on pitching and catching and also introduction to base running, cutoff throws and other "more advanced" skills.
  3. The Intermediate Division will be back this year!! Last year we did not have enough kids to fill an intermediate team, but we anticipate having one or two intermediate teams this year! Remember, this is for LL ages 11-13 and is played on a "50/70" field. Base-paths are a little longer and the pitching distance is pushed back. This is perfect for kids preparing to move to 90-foot diamonds as 13 year olds. Please be aware that signing up for this division means your child will be playing on two teams and will likely have six days of baseball a week. If we have enough for two teams there will be a draft just as there is for the Juniors, Majors and Minors Divisions.
  4. We will have a WLL tournament weekend June 1st and 2nd. Both the Minors and Majors Divisions will be concluding their seasons with a fun and friendly "town tourney". In addition, All-Star and Honors teams will be announced for all eligible divisions. Further, the Farm Division will be kicking off their season ending tourney. Games will begin on June 1st for this division. Mark your calendar for this weekend as there will be lots of baseball, announcers, food trucks and fun!
  5. We continue to work on our Junior program and make adjustments each year to fit the needs of this age group. Most notably this year, ALL 8th graders that want to play on Coach Card's summer team will have the opportunity to play. Also, we are looking at an opportunity to host a tourney for this age group and perhaps play in some tourneys outside of Wilsonville. Coach Card will be having a meeting in February with this age group to explain the opportunities available.
  6. Lastly, we want as many kids as possible eligible to play on All-Star and Honors teams. Kids playing at the Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Junior Divisions have this opportunity. We want to get as many kids out as possible and get them an extra month of baseball in June and July. In light of this, we have outlined the estimated dates of those tourneys in advance. As you proceed thru the registration process you will see the dates. Mostly, kids need to be able to play until the end of June or first of July. Also, we have created a process that allows parents to indicate what pre-planned events they have and report those. This will allow kids to still be eligible if they are going to miss a couple days of practice. Again more info is available during the spring registration process.

Please sign up soon, come to the upcoming clinics, get out and coach or volunteer. Most importantly, please come and enjoy the 2018 baseball season!

If you have any questions, please contact any of us on the Wilsonville Little League Board. We promise to get you an answer.

Thank you,

Michele Seal

WLL President


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Wilsonville Little League Boundaries correspond directly to the elementary schools and both West Linn and Wilsonville high schools located in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District and include the Charbonneau District of Wilsonville.

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